Terrific Health Statements of Truth

In a world where external noise often seems to drown out our inner voice, it's crucial to take a step back and reconnect with our true selves. As we journey towards greater intentionality and mindfulness, affirmations emerge as a powerful tool to steer us toward improved health and well-being. Regardless of our backgrounds or circumstances, the simple act of affirming positive statements can transform our thought patterns, shape our actions, and ultimately lead us on a path toward terrific health.


By incorporating affirmations into our daily practices, we cultivate self-awareness, fostering a greater sense of purpose and clarity within ourselves. We begin to recognize and challenge negative thought patterns, replacing them with positive, empowering beliefs that become the foundation of our intentional living journey.


Moreover, affirmations have the potential to reprogram our subconscious mind, which often holds deeply rooted beliefs and emotions that impact our physical and mental health. By consistently affirming positive statements, we can overwrite limiting narratives that hinder our well-being, freeing ourselves to envision and manifest our best, healthiest selves.

12 Powerful Affirmations as You Pursue Terrific Health:
  • I am the only steward of my body, which makes me the CEO of my health care.
  • Terrific Health is the inherent right of every individual.
  • Nature’s Laws bring vibrancy, longevity, vitality, and abundant Terrific Health.
  • Focus on LEAN - Lifestyle, Emotion, Activity, Nutrition - to cover full health.
  • Terrific Health is not symptom-free with pharmaceuticals, nor does it happen in the doctor’s office.
  • Terrific Health does not require either permission or prescription. It does require me to be willing, diligent, and vigilant.
  • Terrific Health occurs when I trust, honor, respect, and cooperate harmoniously with Nature’s Laws.
  • Nature’s Laws provide natural protective mechanisms that benefit me.
  • Using the tools of Nature, health can return, either partially or totally.
  • I thrive when I recognize that Nature’s medicine is my friend, not my enemy.
  • When I discern universal truths that create a life of reduced risk of disease, then I make good choices for myself and my family. 
  • Terrific Health Strengthens the body, Pleases the eye, Gladdens the heart, and Enlivens the soul!
Remember, affirmations are more than just positive thoughts – they are profound truths we choose to live by. They have the ability to transform our mindset, ignite our inner potential, and guide us toward the vibrant health we deserve. So, let's embark on this exciting journey together, nurturing our minds, bodies, and spirits through the wonders of affirmations.

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