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After working with Stan on his daily wellness choices, this is what he said:
"Just got home from Dr.'s visit. She said I had lost 12 lbs. since last visit and A1C is 6.2 compared to 7.8 the last time. She wants me to decrease my Levemir from 60 units a day to 50 units a day.  I had a few low readings during that time. VERY GOOD DAY AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE! Diet is going very well. Thank you for your help in getting me started in the right direction."

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In 1990, I began my journey into natural wellness, reflecting on the message of Genesis 1: "God created man in his own image." This idea shaped my belief that our bodies are designed for vitality. 

I also found inspiration in Weston A. Price's work, which emphasized the importance of following nature's principles for a full life.

These principles have guided my approach to holistic wellness ever since.
At Terri's Learning Haven, I provide personalized support for achieving natural health and vitality. From wellness coaching to programs like The 14-ay Reset, I offer practical tools for nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.

For parents and children, I offer a unique reading method based on historical wisdom and neuroscience. Learn more in Terrific Reading: The Phonics Program That Works, where you can confidently guide your child toward literacy success.

Explore our website and reach out with any questions. I'm here to support you on your wellness and literacy journey.

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    I scheduled my first ever massage with Terri after watching her social media posts and seeing how much time, effort and knowledge she put into her work.  I arrived with heightened nerves as this was my first massage (as stated before) and I didn’t know what to exactly expect.  Terri was so kind and patient with me and calmed my nerves.  I can say it was the best massage that I have ever had (lol)! Seriously though, that night was the first time I had slept without taking muscles relaxers in two weeks.  She helped me tremendously and I highly recommend her and will be going back!

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