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"I think killing phonics was one of the greatest causes of illiteracy in the country."
Edward S. Giesel, affectionately known as Dr. Seuss

Unlock Your Child's Potential

Whether your child is a brand new, excited beginner or a discouraged older reader, you will find Terri’s Terrific Reading Program exactly what you need. Imagine the joy of watching your little one confidently read, explore new worlds through stories, and excel in school. With this program, you can make this dream a reality!

TERRIFIC READING: The Phonics Program That Works empowers you to be your child's first & most influential teacher. The perfect choice for moms like you!
"Sydney went from a non-reader, flunking 6th grade for the second time to a flourishing 8th grader, making all A’s and B’s, after one year of intensive phonics training with Terri." (from the grandmother)
The Reading Program Provides:

  • A structured and systematic approach to teaching phonics.
  • A guide through teaching all the phonemes (individual speech sounds) in a logical and organized sequence.
  • No need to be an expert—the user-friendly materials make it easy for you and your child to learn together. 
  • A 2-Step foundational learning journey.
  • NO sight words! NO memorization of words! NO worksheets! NO spelling lists!
  • Complete but not complex! 
  • However, please allow yourself some time to print the materials and understand the instructions for each step. You are provided with all the materials. While you are getting and printing the materials, you can start playing the foundational pre-reading games with your child.
  • This reading program is designed in the manner of Noah Webster's syllabary, incorporating the effective instructional approach of Orton-Gillingham, and follows the science of reading as shown by Sally Shaywitz, MD.
  • A private Facebook community where you can ask questions and receive more tips.
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Step 1: Phonemic Awareness Fun

The English language is a language made up of sounds with letters representing those sounds. We make sure your child is ready to take their first steps towards becoming a confident reader by hearing and repeating the sounds. Through engaging activities like playful sound and spoken word games, segmenting, blending, and sound exploration, you'll foster a love for language and learning.

So the beginning stage of reading is to help children hear the sounds of language by playing with words and their sounds - at the beginning of single syllable words, at the end of those words, and the middle sound.

Our instruction focuses on teaching students how to blend individual sounds together to form words (e.g., /k/-/a/-/t/ spells "cat") and how to segment words into their individual sounds, the first step to building confidence in reading and spelling. And yet, we do not name the letters nor memorize words! All “spelling” at first is by sound.
Step 2: Letter-Sound Correspondence

With only 44 sounds and 26 alphabet letters in the English language, understanding the sounds of letters - the "how" and "why" behind words - is the key to unlocking a child's full reading potential. 

We make learning the relationship between letters and their corresponding sounds (phonemes) a breeze. Starting with the most basic letter-sound relationships - vowels and consonants - we gradually progress to more complex ones, ensuring your child masters phonics step by step.

Once the student understands the alphabet sounds with letter association, then we begin putting letters together into nonsense syllables as either open syllables or closed syllables. You will teach the accompanying rules to go with letters and beginning syllable reading. Once your child finishes reading all twelve Syllable Charts, he or she will be ready for the next step - Step 3 - reading words!! 
“Thank you for creating such a great program.” 

Say goodbye to word memorization and hello to joyful learning!


Tailor this program to your child's unique needs. Your child will progress at her or his own pace, and with your guidance as their “sound” and reading tutor, they'll steadily build a robust foundation for lifelong skilled reading.

Teaching your child to read is not just about words—it's about the special moments you share. The READING program strengthens the bond between you and your child as you embark on this educational journey together.

Witness your child's excitement as he or she achieves reading milestones. From learning letters and all their sounds, then decoding syllables and then words, to learning the rules that will guide them to independent reading and spelling, you'll celebrate every step of their progress.

By teaching your child to read, you're equipping him or her with a skill set that will last a lifetime. This program will help build their confidence and help them gain independence to eventually explore the world through quality reading.
Besides teaching how to read, we suggest that you read quality books to your child and have fun talking about the chapters and acting them out. In this way,  you are helping your child's brain develop fully and grow in oral vocabulary!
Are you ready to empower your child with the essential reading skills they need?

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Reading Words - Level 1
Ready to take your child's reading skills to the next level? Take the leap after Steps 1 & 2 and get started on Step 3 - Reading Words - Level 1! 

This is the next step once you have finished Steps 1 & 2. 

Step 3 Reading Words, Level 1 is 96 pages long, filled with words beginning with 3-letter, one-syllable words, and ending with 5-syllable words! All 30 rules are introduced and practiced. And still - no sight words! no memorizing words! and no spelling lists!

Get ready to unlock a world of new vocabulary. 

Click here to kick-start your child's reading journey now.

Reading Words Level 2 and Level 3 will be available soon. Each level continues with progressively more advanced words, including root words in Greek and Latin, and prefixes and suffixes with their meanings.

This is for parents seeking support and guidance in teaching their children how to read. With my extensive research and experience in creating and teaching Terrific Reading, I am here to offer suggestions, advice, and an additional helping hand to make the learning experience for both you and your child enjoyable and effective. 

I want to empower you with the necessary tools and resources to unlock your child's reading potential. Get ready to witness their progress and watch their confidence soar! 

No need to feel overwhelmed or stalled in the process, I am here to help you help your child learn to read and enjoy doing it!


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