Hello and welcome! My name is Terri, and I am a retired RN who is deeply passionate about holistic health and leading a non-toxic lifestyle. In 1990, I found myself faced with the education of my oldest child as he entered second grade. He struggled with reading, which arose after we moved to a new area where his school wasn't providing the necessary support.

By his side, I struggled to hear a once bubbly and lively child who was losing his gregarious nature. As a nurse and mother, I knew finding a solution to his reading problem was crucial for his emotional well-being. 

This realization motivated me to develop a comprehensive reading program, drawing inspiration from historically proven methods that have yielded remarkable success. In addition to my nursing background, I hold a degree in Spanish, having lived in Guatemala for one and a half years teaching both health and reading. Interestingly, my studies and proficiency in Spanish unexpectedly played a role in shaping and enhancing the reading program I created.

I understand the frustration, confusion, and even anger you may be experiencing as you find yourself let down by the school system. I felt those emotions too.

Today, I offer you a solution. With the right tools and my guidance, you can teach your child to read and empower your child to develop strong reading skills and set them up for a bright future. In addition to my expertise in holistic natural health, I also provide guidance in creating a home environment that promotes brain strength and general wellness, minimizes stress, and cultivates a positive and nurturing atmosphere for learning. 

Let me help you and your child thrive together.

Terri is a dedicated reading specialist and wellness coach, passionate about empowering mothers to improve family health and learning. 

With extensive experience, she has successfully guided numerous individuals in improving their reading abilities, even overcoming challenges like dyslexia. She holds a degree in Spanish from Florida State University, taught reading in Guatemala, and is the author of Terrific Reading: The Phonics Program that Works.

Terri is a Registered Nurse (RN), holds certifications in essential oils (Essential Oil Science, Raindrop Technique bodywork, and Aroma Freedom Technique, which uses aromatherapy to address emotional blocks, negative thoughts, and past traumas), is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and has been trained in integrative medicine and functional nutrition. 

Over decades, Terri has guided numerous individuals in making daily lifestyle choices, promoting a vibrant, medication-free lifestyle that she exemplifies at the age of 68.

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