You can purchase essential oils in many places, even from some gas stations. Part of my personal education taught me the critical importance of the agriculture of any products used for my body. Essential oils have to meet those standards that bring me health, not destroy it. Nature’s Laws!

I am so excited to introduce you to Young Living, today known as the pioneer of the modern essential oils movement. From its inception, Young Living has exceeded the critical need to eliminate toxic chemicals in your home and in/on your person. In fact, when I first discovered Young Living products, I was stunned and excited at how beautifully the body uses them as wonderful health tools! 

I chose Young Living because it is the only company I found that keeps Nature’s Laws. In fact, Young Living farms around the world stand apart in the essential oils industry and set the standard for planting, growing, harvesting, distilling, and producing essential oils. Because of their elevated standards, they provide the highest quality of products without toxins yet full of therapeutic value.

How do they do that? 

Doug Corrigan, Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, created a list of 37 points that an essential oil company should have in order to create the purest product. Young Living is the only company that meets his list. Some are included below:

  • They have 30+ company and partner farms on 6 continents. That allows them to grow the plants in their natural environment. 
  • Young Living has invested unprecedented time and resources to ensure that their quality standards are prioritized at each of their corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers, so their products are the purest, most potent, and highest quality essential oils and oil-infused products - the very best nature has to offer. Young Living is so transparent, they invite everyone to visit the farms and tour our facility. Learn more.
  • You can see pictures of the farms and distilleries at
The founder of Young Living was a small farmer and Idaho mountain man who loved nature and plant medicine long before he knew about essential oils. He experienced firsthand the therapeutic properties of essential oils after a tragic logging accident. He dreamed of providing essential oils to all families and started Young Living in the early 1990s. He incorporated his knowledge of healthy soil, water, and overall environment for the purity of plants into each farm. Because of his extensive work in those early days, he is known as the father of the modern-day essential oils movement.

  • Young Living has control over the entire chain of events from the beginning (the soil and the seed going into the ground) to the end (when the bottle is sealed) which ensures the oils are consistent from batch to batch. 
  • Young Living cooperates harmoniously with Nature. They use environmentally conscious methods of planting, growing, harvesting, distilling, and bottling essential oils.
  • The distilleries are on farm premises; no time is lost in transporting from field to distillery.
  • The distillation equipment is free of plastic materials to ensure that plasticizers are not being introduced into the oil. 
  • They do NOT use any toxic pesticides or herbicides; instead, they spray essential oil compounds for pesticide and herbicide use. 
  • Weeds are picked by HAND
  • Young Living has its own advanced laboratory filled with multiple analytical equipment critical for analyzing essential oils. It is staffed with scientists and technicians who have many years of specific experience with analyzing essential oils. They do not outsource. “Young Living has the most expensive essential oil laboratory in the world.” Olivier Wenker, MD
  • They use at least 15 different tests (and sometimes more), 6 times on EVERY batch, using both their in-house laboratory as well as third-party labs. There are no contaminants, ever. By the time you open a fresh bottle of Young Living essential oil, it’s been tested almost 100 times!
  • Young Living has over 30 years of data to show: the best time of day and season to pick, the precise time to plant, the temperature and the length of time to distill, and the amount of pressure for distilling. All to capture the optimal therapeutic properties in the essential oils.
  • Young Living never DILUTES with cheap synthetics or with poor quality oils that were quickly grown, quickly harvested, or distilled incorrectly.
  • When the growing/harvesting/distilling conditions produce sub-quality essential oils, they are rejected and composted back into the fields at the farms. They are not sold to other companies who use sub-standard practices. Young Living has literally lost millions of dollars by sticking to this principle of integrity.
  • Some flowers must be picked by hand: for example, ylang-ylang requires eyes to know whether they are ready to be picked or not. 
All of Young Living’s oil-infused products are made with the same stringent standard; even the supplements made with produce not grown by Young Living must meet their requirements. In fact, Young Living is the company that figured out how to infuse essential oils into supplements. Science shows that when infused with essential oils, supplements are absorbed into the cells by up to 86%.

Knowing that happy employees make happy farms and plants, Young Living helps their employees in many aspects: 
  • They adhere to fair-trade principles with all those farms around the world. 
  • All the workers at Young Living farms and partner farms are paid ABOVE average wages, and they are treated well.
  • The Young Living Foundation supports the communities around the farms and distilleries and many of the partner farms in a variety of ways, such as by providing schools and orphanages; whatever is needed for the individual location.
Ultimately, Young Living’s goal is that their essential oils have the HIGHEST amount of therapeutic constituents in the plant as Nature intended, thus giving a FAR broader range of uses AND more effectiveness to the oils!

  • HK Lin, Ph.D., was at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine when I met him. He was promoting Young Living oils and using them in experiments in his lab, seeking natural cures for cancer. He told me why he only uses Young Living. When he was seeking essential oil sources, he analyzed all that was sent to him from a variety of companies. From those that met his first series of tests, he kept asking for additional samples, until only one company consistently passed his tests: Young Living. You are familiar with some of the names which failed his tests. He retired from academia and is now the chief scientist at Young Living.
Young Living is the only company that provides an abundance of products - around 700! - all formulated without toxins for every home and personal products at every age, including products for your pets!

Now, imagine that you’ve rid your home and body of the kinds of toxins that cause or contribute to cancer, infertility, learning disorders, chronic illness, obesity, inflammation, anxiety, depression, poor performance, etc.

You are now best supporting your body. How does it feel? Is it expensive? No!
Terrific Health makes you money; poor health costs you money. Health is wealth!

Quality products bring about quicker health results. Instead of making a one-time overhaul in my home, I gradually utilized the ditch and switch method by carefully exchanging anything toxic for the non-toxic equivalent. The result? A happy mind, body, and emotions! 

AND Young Living has made it possible to get products for free. What a bargain! 

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