It's amazing how little is known today about the incredible history and healing powers of essential oils. Throughout ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, Hebrew, China, and Ayurvedic traditions, there are countless records showing they used essential oils for their therapeutic benefits. These records show that essential oils were trusted remedies for a wide array of health issues, proving just how effective they can be for healing. And then the world went silent about them.

Only about 50 years ago, Europe brought them back to the dawn of light. And now, you have a friend or neighbor talking about essential oils, you read in magazines about them. Ads or posts have probably been popping up on your Instagram. You may even see them at your gas stations! They’re kind of everywhere. So, what exactly ARE they?  
Essential oils come from a variety of plants - shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. They contain 200-500 natural components, which give them their powerful healing abilities. These oils are very concentrated, meaning they are much many times stronger than dried or fresh herbs.

Essential oils are unique because they can easily go into cells and move around the body. Many researchers and healthcare professionals are amazed by the wide range of benefits they offer. When used in their pure form, essential oils can have immediate and impressive effects like being antibacterial, fighting viruses and inflammation, improving mood, and balancing hormones. They can also help you feel calm and uplifted.

Not all essential oils are created equal!

Two ways can prevent us from purchasing pure essential oils.

Modern labs have made it easy to create "essential oils" synthetically. Unfortunately, the body does not handle synthetics well. Hormone disruption and allergic reactions can be linked to these synthetics. Additionally, their chemical composition makes them more likely to cause skin irritation and other adverse reactions.
In addition, poor farming, distilling, and bottling practices can make essential oils certainly less effective, and sometimes even unsafe. Some companies mix essential oils with cheap or fake oils or add chemicals to make them seem pure. This lowers the quality and healing power of the oils and can cause allergic reactions or other bad effects when used. Bad farming practices can also lead to harmful substances like pesticides or metals being in the oils.

Know your soil to know your oil.
“If there is something that has worked for 5000 years, maybe we ought to look at it in modern medicine. Using essential oils is biohacking at its best.”
Olivier Wenker, MD, oncology, integrative medicine, anti-aging medicine
In 2012, a close friend invited me to attend a class on natural wellness and essential oils. As an RN, I was growing concerned about relying on medications as I saw my older patients doing. I longed for a healthier, long-term solution, and I began actively searching for a natural product that would help me stay healthy without relying on pharmaceuticals. At the class, the instructor shared her incredible journey from sickness to wellness, all without pharmaceuticals. I was immediately captivated.

One product stood out to me, a unique juice, and after using it for a few days, I noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels and appearance. I was amazed by the natural energy boost without any artificial substances or caffeine. Intrigued, I delved deeper into this company and its products.

To my surprise, as I incorporated more changes into my life, I found relief from ailments I had accepted as normal. I had suffered from bronchitis, asthma, and severe seasonal allergies since childhood. Motion sickness and painful knee issues plagued me too, but I hadn't given them much thought.

As I continued to make healthier choices, my allergies disappeared, my knees stopped freezing up at night, and even motion sickness became a thing of the past. My children were amazed by the change and couldn't believe I no longer got sick while reading in the car.

Now, at the age of 68, I am free from aches, pains, and medications. I feel happy, excited, and much younger than my age.

The product that I mentioned above, called NingXia Red, came from Young Living. As purity was extremely important to me, and understanding the critical nature of farming practices and preventing adulteration, I carefully analyzed the company. I became very impressed that they had their own farms around the world, and how carefully they incorporated farming methods to guard the entire Seed to Seal process for the most therapeutic potential of the oils, and how they refuse to use any synthetics in their products. 

Young Living’s essential oils are used worldwide in more clinical and university studies than any other essential oils today. And Young Living is my only choice of essential oils and essential oil-infused products, too.

Now, I am crazy passionate about Young Living as part of a natural wellness journey... so, let me break it down for you!

The vast majority of both natural and synthetic essential oils on the market today are only used for cosmetics, perfumes, personal care products, and household products. I steer clear of all of those - no synthetics for me.
But Young Living essential oils are more expensive, right? 

Well, sometimes they are, all because of its Seed to Seal promise and guarantee. An ever-growing number of marketers have jumped on the essential oil bandwagon looking for an easy way to make a lot of money. Many of these oils are cheap imitations, purchased wholesale in large quantities, diluted with synthetic additives, and rebottled before being sold to you.

That’s not okay for us. We want the best for our families, and we don’t want to “save money” short-term only to spend more long-term because we used something that didn’t do what it was supposed to or even harmed us.

When we are working to be more intentional in removing chemicals and toxins from our homes, it doesn't make sense to then buy oils that could potentially contain harmful or synthetic ingredients, especially if you plan on using them on or around your children. No, thank you.

Some of the other companies may claim that their oils are organic. Unfortunately, the term “organic” is not regulated by the FDA regarding essential oils. They do not certify or grade essential oils so any oil you see making those claims is simply using the word. They did not have to do anything to earn it.

If you cannot walk onto your oil company's farms (if they even have farms; they may only be brokers) and watch them distill their oils at their very own distilleries, then don't use it. 

There’s a reason Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils for 30+ years and possesses better than organic standards! Yes please!!!
Seed to Seal is a comprehensive quality assurance program pioneered by Young Living, ensuring the purity and potency of their essential oils and other products. This unique process encompasses every step of production, from selecting the seeds to sealing the final product. 

It begins with carefully sourcing the finest botanicals from their privately owned farms as well as partner farms worldwide, where stringent standards are upheld to guarantee sustainable, ethical practices. 

Next, meticulous cultivation and harvesting techniques are employed to maintain the integrity of the plants. The journey continues with precise distillation methods, using state-of-the-art equipment to extract the most potent essential oils without compromising their natural properties.

Finally, each product undergoes rigorous testing in world-class laboratories to verify its purity and efficacy before it reaches the customer. Seed to Seal represents Young Living's unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality essential oils and wellness products, rooted in transparency, integrity, and authenticity.
If at any point in the production process, something doesn’t meet their standards, they get rid of it and start again. Because of this, our favorite oils sometimes go out of stock… and we extend both grace and gratitude because we love getting our oils from a company that doesn’t crank them out quickly in a lab to make a buck but waits for the plants to grow (no synthetics) until the batch is perfect. They accept nothing less.

No other essential oil company owns its own farms, distilleries, state of the art laboratories, and 30 + years of archives.
Let me give you an example of how important it is for a company to know the right time of day to harvest the plant and exactly how long to distill the plant to produce the chemical compounds the plant contains that are helpful to our bodies.

For example: CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OIL: has 280 known chemical constituents.

  • If it is distilled for 20 hours, you only get 20 properties.
  • If distilled for 26 hours, you get NONE of the properties.
  • Most market cypress is distilled for 3.5 hours.
  • The correct length of time for distilling cypress is 24 hours to get the full 280 properties
If you want Cypress to do the job it is intended to do, you MUST get ALL 280 constituents, no less. Most people do not realize essential oils have chemical properties in them, and to get the full benefit of that particular oil, the plant has to grow, be harvested, and distilled the correct way or the oil contains poor benefit to us. This scientific information is something Young Living prides themselves in and over their 30 years, have collected incredible amounts of data on the essential oils they distill and distribute. 
I recommend 3 methods to using essential oils: topically, aromatically and internally.

Young Living Essential Oils can be applied directly to the skin - always remember to check your labels for dilution instructions. Some oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil (coconut oil, grape-seed oil, organic olive oil, V6 oil, etc.) while others can be applied directly on the skin with no dilution (referred to as “neat.”) Using oils on your feet is a quick and efficient way to get oils into your system.  You can also wear essential oils as a perfume to lift your mood. 

Oils can also be inhaled directly from the bottle, or by using a diffuser.  This is the quickest way for your body to use the oils. And your house will smell amazing.

Because of Young Living’s Seed to Seal process, there are many oils that can be taken internally as a dietary supplement. You can add oils to your water, or even into a capsule. The Vitality line is clearly labeled for this use because they are (GRAS) generally regarded as safe for internal consumption by the FDA.

** Please note, I ONLY recommend ingesting Young Living's essential oils. Alternate oils on the market that you may find online or at your local store, may be diluted, adulterated or contain additives that are NOT SAFE for consumption and can be very harmful to your health. 
Embarking on your journey with Young Living Essential Oils is as simple as selecting one of our tailored starter bundles to align with your wellness goals.

Whether you seek relaxation, holistic balance or a non-toxic lifestyle, our diverse array of starter bundles ensures there's an ideal fit for you. From the moment you choose to start your wellness journey with us, be sure to utilize my referral link, allowing me to warmly welcome you into our vibrant community dedicated to health and vitality.

Additionally, applying the discount code (SHAREYL) at checkout saves you 10% off your initial order, making your entry into the world of essential oils even more rewarding. With Young Living, you're not just embracing wellness; you're joining a supportive network committed to holistic living.
Yes, I'm so glad you asked! 

Young Living offers a perks program known as Loyalty Rewards which provides its members with an array of benefits and incentives for their continued use of the company's products.

Upon signing up, you immediately earn a 24 percent discount on all purchases, including one-time and loyalty orders.

Through this program, customers earn loyalty points every month when they place a loyalty order of 50+ PV. Points can later be redeemed for free product purchases. The longer you are on the program, the more points you earn (10-25% back).

Additionally, participants can enjoy perks such as access to special promotions and unique rewards. You can switch out the products you receive, change the processing date and even skip a month if you choose.

How Do I Sign Up?
1. Log into your Young Living account.
2. Shop to find products you love
3. Click “Create Loyalty Order”
4. Checkout with your products!

Once you’ve placed your first loyalty order, you can save items for later, manage your processing date, and manage your monthly shipment on the Loyalty Order page in your account.

For further details and a comprehensive overview of the program, you can visit Young Living's official website at:  https://www.youngliving.com/us/en/learn/loyalty-rewards.
Yes! Young Living is so generous and offers exciting promotions each month exclusively for their valued customers. These promotions vary monthly, ensuring you always have something new to look forward to.

By participating in the promotions, you can earn a range of fantastic freebies from essential oils to supplements to their beloved Thieves household cleaner, each tier offers unique rewards.

To learn more about our current promotions and how you can qualify for each tier, visit our Monthly Promotions page here. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your wellness journey with Young Living!
Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery in Mona, Utah, is the first to receive the Monarch Farm USA title. The recognition comes after a longstanding conservation effort on the essential oil leader’s farms to help recover the monarch butterfly population.

LEHI, UTAH JUNE 06, 2023
Young Livingthe world’s leading provider of essential oils and oil-infused products, announces that its Lavender Farm and Distillery in Mona, Utah, has been formally recognized as the first Monarch Farm USA. This marks the first time Monarch City USA(MCUSA) has officially recognized a farm as part of its program.

In 2019, the Young Living farm team and The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation implemented a program to plant milkweed at its farms and facilities located along the monarch butterfly (western population) migration route to aid in the population’s recovery.

The lavender farm gained recognition due to its longstanding dedication to monarch butterfly conservation and research. The accolade comes on the heels of a dedicated team of Young Living scientists launching a new butterfly and milkweed research study.

“Young Living is honored to have the Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery named the first-ever Monarch Farm USA,” said Emma Ziebarth, Research Scientist at Young Living. 

Our waystation program reflects the conservation efforts at the core of Young Living’s mission. We do everything in our power to use sustainable practices that benefit the wider community and enact lasting, positive change in the natural environment. We hope that our farm is just the first of many across the country giving back to the planet through responsible, earth-friendly practices.

The title of Monarch Farm USA was granted by Monarch City USA, a non-profit corporation based out of Washington that encourages American municipalities to plant milkweed and nectar plants to help the at-risk monarch butterfly population recover from its alarming decrease over the past two decades. The monarch butterfly population has dropped more than 80 percent in the past 20 years, according to the Center for Biological Diversity.

There are various criteria that must be met to be a member of Monarch City USA. These include re-establishing native milkweed plants, encouraging citizens to plant private milkweed, and working with schools to educate on conservation, among several other items.

Monarch City USA is very pleased to join forces with our newest member, Young Living Essential Oils,” said Russel Stubbles, Founder of MCUSA. 

We have much in common: high standards, a caring love for the environment, and a special place in our hearts for monarch butterflies. We believe that if the monarchs are doing well, society is doing well.

In addition to planting milkweed, Young Living frequently offers milkweed seeds for visitors to take home and create their own garden habitats. The company has also released a downloadable monarch butterfly activity kit for children to tie in with the monarch migration conservation project.

Families are encouraged to learn more about the waystations by booking an educational tour at the Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery here..
First of its kind research will help to understand and save native bee species

LEHI, UT, April 22, 2022 – Today, Young Living, the world's leading provider of essential oils, announced it has partnered with Dr. Joseph Wilson, author of “The Bees in Your Backyard: A Guide to North America's Bees,” and Lindsey Wilson, co-owner of Native Pollinator Project, on a critical research initiative to learn more about native bee populations.

The research project, which will start at Young Living’s farms in Mona, Utah and Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, will study native bee species at both locations and provide much-needed insights to help these bee populations thrive.

“We feel extremely passionate about this partnership with Dr. Wilson and Lindsey Wilson as we dive into this research on local native bee species,” said Deven Patten, director of sustainability at Young Living.

“Native bees are so important because they pollinate native plants, many of which can't be pollinated by introduced bees. This research will be extremely useful as we dive in and begin to make our lavender farms a sanctuary for many different bee species, continuing Young Living’s commitment to serving our planet.”

The initial research phase will begin in Utah, with Dr. Wilson and Lindsay Wilson conducting research into which native bee species are currently habitating Young Living's Mona farm and estimating plant and flower visitation rates. Since many native pollinators are picky eaters, or as the science community refers to as specialists, many of these bees will only visit certain kinds of plants or flowers.

As Young Living acquires this information and data, the company will then begin taking steps in order to diversify, protect, and improve the lives of the bee communities on its farms, starting with making adjustments to landscaping to better suit the native bee species.

With the company conducting similar research at its lavender farm in Simiane-la-Rotonde. This allows for both projects to compare the farms’ bees and identify the role that the lavender farms play in the diversity of bees.

  • This research is some of the first of its kind, paving the way for additional research to help save native bee populations for years to come. 
  • The research projects in Mona and in Simiane-la-Rotonde will provide data on how many different kinds of bee species lavender and other native plants can help support. 
  • Once Young Living determines which species are present additional research will determine the needs of those species, which native plants they are drawn to, and what nesting habitats are needed.
“This pioneering research goes beyond just Young Living and its farms. For years people have conducted research on honey bees but little is known about the over 1000 species of native bees. Before we can begin to save the bees, we will need to know which bees are located at each lavender farm.” said Dr. Wilson. 

“The data that we collect will be incredibly important to the bee and science communities as a whole. We are delighted that Young Living has chosen to place their efforts into this research, and that they have chosen us to partner with.” 
Statements regarding Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products in this event are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare provider before using these products.


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